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Hello there!

I'm lemonsh, a random tech guy from Poland. I'm interested in *nix operating systems, networking, programming, retro-computing and electronics. I also like making music and graphic design.

These days I mainly code in Rust, but I also know C, C#, Java, HTML/CSS, Bash, some x86 ASM, and a bit of JS. I'm currently learning Kotlin and planning to learn Go in the future. My first language was Python, but I don't use it anymore.

I run Arch Linux on my laptop and PC, Alpine Linux on all of my servers. I co-maintain the C4TG1RL5 (AS4242421411) network on dn42 with famfo.

Yes, I like anime. I know you didn't ask.

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This website is made with the Zola SSG and the source code is available here.

Background image by @eberhardgross on Pexels. Thanks!

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